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To be happier, recognize that each of us defines"truth" through our own experiences.

What is Truth? How do you decide what is true and what isn't true?

You have a Little Voice inside your head. That Little Voice does everything it knows to maintain the status quo. When events happen, it immediately creates an interpretation it labels the truth rather than simply recording what happened.

Events just are. Events don't happen to you. They just happen. People don't do things to you. They just do things. Interpretations lead to feelings, which lead to judgments, which lead to actions or the lack of action.

The fact is that you tell yourself your interpretation so often that, after a while, you forget what really happened, and you live as if your interpretation is really what happened. In other words you live in your truth about what happened rather than in the reality of the event.

Personal truths can keep you from living life. They impose barriers and self-limiting beliefs. Here is what can happen when you live unconsciously, each person in his own truth.

In case your mind runs as mine used to, let me also say there is no such thing as, "If they really loved me, they would know what is wrong and would be there for me."

Or, how about this one - often heard around newlyweds, "If he loves me, he'll change."

Most people go through life thinking others think and process the same way they do. Those people figure they know what another person is thinking when they talk with them or ask them questions. You cannot know what is happening in the mind or life of another person. You can ask! What a novel idea.

Stop guessing what is going on for the people you love and flat out ask them! You will save yourself years of grief and misunderstanding. You and they will be glad you did!

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Truth - Different For Different People

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This article was published on 2010/03/27