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There was a television show some years ago called the "X-Files." The theme of the show was: "The truth is out there!"

So when we are debating the existence of aliens, yes the truth is "out" there... somewhere, but what about the truths that we hold inside of ourselves?
• What is the truth about what we really believe about ourselves?
• What is the truth about what we believe about the world around us?
• What is the truth about what we really believe about others?
• Who are we pretending to be and how much is that hurting us?
• What is the truth about what we do and don't want in our lives?

Being truthful or as I like to say, "shooting straight" with yourself and others can make the difference between having complete and happy relationships, or not. It can be the difference between having complete financial freedom, or not. It can be the difference between living a life you love, or not!

You may be wondering why it matters if on occasion you are less than truthful and it really doesn't hurt anyone. We've all been in a situation where we've pretended to be someone we weren't; pretended to believe something we didn't or pretended to know something we didn't really know. Yet, being less than truthful with others (and ourselves) is hurtful in all instances, because how can we be really happy if we don't shoot straight everywhere, all of the time?

Withholding the truth about how you feel, what you see and how you perceive the world around you creates a quagmire in your head that eventually spreads to everything and everyone around you.

Doing anything other than communicating fully and completely also keeps those around us guessing who we really are, why we do what we do, what makes us happy, and ultimately what we want for our lives! Now, when we are talking about our happiness, do we really want to keep the world around us guessing about what we need, what we want or who we are?

More importantly than where our truthfulness, or lack thereof, leaves other people, being truthful is important for ourselves! When we live from a place that denies how we feel and what we want for ourselves, we ultimately crush our own spirit; our own hopes; our own will and that is clearly not a happy place to live life from!

So be honest with yourself. Ask:
• Do I do what I say I am going to do -- am I living in integrity?
• Am I doing what I love?
• What is my purpose and am I living it?
• Am I in action and moving toward what I say I want?
• Am I getting what I deserve out of life?

None of us are comfortable having the "mirror" held up in front of us, but if we don't willingly take a look at how we feel about the life we live, the person we are, and the difference we make on the planet, how do we know if we are being true to ourselves?

Being honest with oneself can be difficult! It is much easier to float through uncomfortable situations justifying the use of little white lies. Yet over time these white lies become tall tales, and we tell ourselves these tales for so long that we honestly start to believe they are true!!

So what does it take to live a truthful life? Very simply:
1) Be truthful... be in integrity... know who you are, what you want and accept nothing less in your life.
2) Think truthfully... be honest with yourself and accept nothing less of others!
3) Speak truthfully!
4) Be in full and complete communication everywhere and all of the time.

Interestingly, today's technology gives us more opportunities than ever to pretend to be something other than who we really are! We hide in email. We hide behind online chat screens. We hide in Instant Messaging. We hide behind voicemail. Yet hiding who we, at our core, does nothing to serve us.

Maybe we think we are protecting someone else by being who they want us to be or protecting ourselves from embarrassment. We may even think we are protecting ourselves from being hurt, but ultimately by being less than truthful with ourselves (and others) we are doing the world a disservice.

When we assume that the world doesn't really want to get to know the real "us" we deprive the world of a unique individual whose talents and voice may be completely untapped because we assumed no one wanted to hear it. What a shame that would be!!

So stand tall... be the truth... think the truth... speak the truth. Your life will take off, you'll be happier, and the world around you will ultimately be happier too!

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Communication - The Truth is Out There

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This article was published on 2010/03/29