10 Steps to Start Clarifying Your Truth

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It's so much easier to navigate life when you know who you are and what you value and these 10 steps to clarify your truth will assist you in getting this valuable information. Rather than reacting off old patterns and being tossed topsy-turvy by life in an unconscious way, knowing your truth will allow you to sail your ship in a powerful and mindful way...with satisfying results!

  1. Recognize the difference between the core you and your patterns. Your patterns are different from your true identity or your truth. Your patterns are sets of behaviors and beliefs you have learned, consciously or unconsciously, but not who you are. Your core truth stays the same in its essence, although it can soften or harden on the edges depending on how you are holding it in your life. For myself, these are a few of my core truths: I am an introvert (recharge myself by being alone), I am a high energy person, I am an explorer, and I am a Leo and a Pitta/Vata Dosha type.
  2. Be a neutral observer. As you begin to separate your patterns from your truth, I invite you to come from the space of an explorer. Set aside your judgments and preconceptions and be open to gathering information and simply seeing what is there. From this neutral space it can feel more comfortable and you can see more clearly because the defenses aren't popping up to block you!
  3. Brainstorm your strengths, passions and talents. There are lots of tools to explore these aspects of yourself, including the book "The Passion Test" which can guide this process. Or you can simply start writing and see what shows up. While what you are good at isn't necessarily your truth, there can be a thread of truth in how your talents and strengths line up with your passions.
  4. Explore your childhood for insights. Look back at what activities you loved to do as a child and specifically what about these childhood activities did you love so much. Looking back on your life, what did you do consistently for fun or for free time? What do those activities reflect about your truth?
  5. List the times in your life where you experienced a "flow state" (i.e. doing what came naturally and easily). Describe who you were being during those "flow states".
  6. Ask other people to describe you as if they were describing you to someone else. Although each person has their own vision of the world, gaining additional feedback from other perspectives can be helpful in clarifying your truth. I recommend you ask at least 3-5 people who know you well to get a broad view. Compare all the answers, from yourself and others, and see what pops out at you. What do you see about yourself?
  7. Learn your Dosha or body type. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is only through knowing your body type that you can you get in touch with your BodyMind intelligence, which is the true source of everything that comprises your life. The body type is like a blueprint outlining innate tendencies that have been built into every aspect of your BodyMind system. This is a fun type of questionnaire that will add to your insights in a new way. You can find Dosha Questionnaires in many books or website on Ayurveda.
  8. Name and claim your truth instead of labeling yourself. The words you use and the energy of how you hold it in exploring your truth make a difference. Naming and claiming a piece of who you are accepts and honors that piece in an open and embracing way. Labeling can reflect a type of judgment, either from yourself or from others, and can feel like putting yourself into a pigeon hole where you get stuck. Notice the difference as you make your list of your truths.
  9. Discover what truths lay at the core of your daydreams. Daydreams can be an escape from reality, both in a positive way and in a negative space of denial; but it can also be an interesting tool. I particularly find this activity to be useful to become aware of what is underneath the storyline of the daydreams. Keep a journal or log for a couple weeks and see what you find.
  10. Explore what you value in your life. Values are another gateway to guide you to discover who you are and what you want in life. One of my core values is balance and it shows up in every aspect of my life and is a part of my truth. Play with how your values reflect your truths. If you don't know your values, you can work with a coach to help facilitate the process. My sessions for this are called "Discovery Sessions" and I use a tool called the Life Balance Wheel. Other professionals might use other names for their sessions or different tools. Find someone you are comfortable with if you choose this route.

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10 Steps to Start Clarifying Your Truth

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This article was published on 2010/03/31